Health Tips: How To Lower Ldl Cholesterol Naturally!


How To Lower Ldl Cholesterol Naturally: An increase in the amount of LDL cholesterol in the body increases the risk of fatal diseases like heart attack and stroke. This fruit mentioned here proves to be very helpful in controlling it naturally.


It is important to have LDL cholesterol in the blood. But if its quantity is more than 100 mg/dL, then the risk of blockage in the arteries increases. Due to which heart attack and stroke can occur.

How to know if LDL cholesterol has increased? Many types of symptoms can be seen when dirty fat increases in the body. These mainly include nausea, difficulty in pronouncing words clearly, fatigue, numbness of hands and feet, chest pain, fatigue, and deposition of yellow fat on the eyelids.

Causes of increased cholesterol

There can be many reasons for the increase of LDL cholesterol in the body, in which diet plays an important role. While bad eating habits convert cholesterol into plaque, there is also a possibility of getting rid of it by healthy eating habits.

This one fruit will help in reducing cholesterol

Eating apples daily helps control cholesterol. Apples are a nutrient-rich fruit, containing 10 percent of your daily vitamin C intake along with copper, vitamin K and vitamin E.

Eat 2 apples to lower cholesterol

According to a study published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition in 2020 , a study conducted by researchers from Britain and Italy found that eating two apples a day can significantly reduce cholesterol levels.

Eating apples will prevent fatal diseases

An apple a day is a good habit for a healthy heart as pectin not only helps lower cholesterol, but the polyphenols in apples have been linked to lowering blood pressure and reducing the risk of stroke. Apples contain a powerful antioxidant that reduces the risk of Alzheimer 's  

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