Health Tips: How do actresses manage during periods!


How do actresses manage during periods: Actresses have to face unbearable pain during periods. Actresses also face a lot of problems while shooting. In such a situation, let us tell you what Hina Khan, Jaya Bachchan, Kareena Kapoor, and Alia said.


Women suffer unbearable pain during periods. Cramps make every woman's condition miserable. In such a situation, the debate of period leave has also been raised from time to time. At the same time, it is not easy for actresses to work during periods. This is a profession where you have to remain active, look beautiful, wear stylish clothes, and keep your face glowing. In such a situation, it becomes even more challenging for them to bear problems like periods. Let us tell you how actresses shoot during periods and what problems they face.

Kareena Kapoor Khan once reacted while talking about periods. Then she said in an interview that one has to face difficulties during periods. The condition becomes worse due to terrible pain and cramps. At the same time, Kareena also said that periods are not a disease, so one should work while enjoying it.

What did Alia Bhatt say

? Alia Bhatt supports period leave because of the problems that occur during periods. Apart from Alia, Taapsee Pannu also said, 'I wish it was so easy to take period leave. I wish it was so easy to say that I have my period and I need leave.'

Hina Khan also spoke about periods.

Hina Khan is battling breast cancer these days. Once she posted about shooting during periods. She wrote, 'I wish I had the option of not shooting for two days during periods. It would be so nice. There is no strength in the body at all. 40-degree heat and this pain... is unbearable'

Pads behind the bushes

Bollywood's veteran actress Jaya Bachchan had talked about shooting during periods in her granddaughter Navya Naveli's podcast. Then she said that in today's time, there are big clean washrooms on the set. There are ACs. But in her time, there was more outdoor shooting and actresses had to face a lot of problems. On top of that, during periods, it was a matter of changing pads behind the bushes.

Fear of Napkin Leakage

Some models also say that they face a lot of problems while doing ramp walks and advertisement shoots. They are afraid that the napkin may leak and their expensive outfit may get spoiled. Along with this, the pain of periods starts showing on their face.