Health tips: Five ways to detect allergy complaint, do not ignore these symptoms


Nowadays you will find many such people around you who will suffer from allergies. Even in children born in the last 10 years, allergies have emerged as a common problem. Especially the problem of colds and skin allergies. Dust and smoke particles and pollution present in the air are the reason behind this, irregular lifestyle, eating less nutritious than before, etc. is also the reason for this. The good thing is that early detection of an allergy can make it possible to treat it and you can avoid its trigger. Nowadays, however, the allergy test is done in the hospital at the time of the birth of the child. This makes it easier to keep everything in mind for the future. Even if an allergy is severe, the paediatrician gives you information about it. But if this is not the case, then you can also get such tests done on your own with the advice of a doctor. But apart from this, there are some common ways by which it can be known whether there is an allergy or not. Especially in the case of elders. Know what those methods are.


1- If you start sneezing, watery nose, sore throat or tightness, feeling of stuffy or stuffy nose, watery eyes etc. may indicate. Most often it is due to dangerous particles present in the air, but if such symptoms occur even after about an hour of taking any medicine, then it can also be due to allergy to any element present in the medicine. At the same time, sneezing can also be due to food allergy.

2- Problems like swelling in the eyes, itching, burning, watering, puffiness of papillae, can also be due to the particles present in the air, but this condition is also sometimes caused by an allergy caused by a medicine. .

3- Food allergy can be due to any food item and also due to any one element present in the food. Sudden and frequent itching in the ears can also be a sign of this allergy. Sometimes it can also cause itching inside the mouth. Due to any medicine or food, symptoms like sudden difficulty in breathing, chest tightness, vomiting etc. can also emerge.


4- When the weather changes, many people must have heard complaining of hives on the body. Hives: Bumping means the development of red, itchy bumps on the skin. These bumps can be slightly spread and can also be cured in a few hours. Apart from the weather, they can also happen due to allergy to a particular medicine, chemical, food etc. Apart from this, rashes or blisters on the chest, back, arms etc. can also be a sign of allergy. This type of allergy can also be triggered by pets.

5- Due to allergy, sometimes symptoms like nausea, vomiting and diarrhea or sudden swelling on any part of the body can also appear. In most cases, the body can deal with the common allergen and the problem gets better with very mild symptoms. But if the symptoms appear again and again and take a serious form, then it is important that they be controlled in time. Otherwise the situation can be fatal.