Health Tips: Eyebrow treatment can become an enemy of the lungs!


Two women suffered from life-threatening lung disease after getting microblading done. The disease is systemic sarcoidosis, which is an autoimmune disease and can cause lumps to form in the lungs, making breathing difficult. This is the first case reported by doctors in Slovenia, where patients have developed this deadly disease after any cosmetic treatment. Elaborating on the incident, doctors have questioned the practices of cosmetic clinics and called for better information to be given to customers about the potential risks.


Both 33-year-old women went to the doctor after noticing orange-red spots on their eyebrows. The first woman got microblading done about a year ago. Microblading is a tattoo technique that makes the eyebrows appear thicker. This is a semi-permanent process. Whereas the other woman had got microblading done six years ago, but these spots appeared only after six years. After six biopsies, it was found that both women were suffering from sarcoidosis. Chest X-ray and scan also confirmed the disease in his lungs and lymph nodes.

What is Sarcoidosis?

Sarcoidosis is a disease that causes the formation of granulomas (patches of inflamed tissue) in various parts of the body. In some cases, it is limited to the skin only and is known as cutaneous sarcoidosis. In most cases, it can spread to the lymph nodes and lungs and is known as systemic sarcoidosis. This disease can also affect the heart, brain, and kidneys and can be fatal. Although its causes are unknown, experts say pesticides, irritants, and fungi can trigger it.

What do researchers say?

Researchers say that there is evidence that most people may be genetically sensitive to this disease. When this happens, immunity becomes weak and starts attacking itself. Although there is no cure for it, its symptoms can be controlled with medicines. Researchers wrote about this in the Journal of Medical Case Reports and warned that in both cases, microblading itself could be the cause of this disease. Doctors also say that the ink used in the treatment can also trigger this disease.

Regarding the treatment, researchers say that the first woman was given steroids for the first two years. During this period, his skin lesions cleared up and the inflammation in his lungs went down. The second woman was also treated with steroids and she also got relief to a great extent in the first year of treatment.

Symptoms of sarcoidosis

- Skin rashes

- Cough

- Red, painful eyes

- Shortness of breath

- Numbness in the hands, feet and face

- Swollen glands

- Pain in the bones and muscles

Doctors say patients are likely to feel lethargy and have a fever. Due to sweating at night, they may also lose weight.