HEALTH TIPS: Excessive consumption of apples can harm your health!


Fruits are considered beneficial for health, there is a belief about apples, that if an apple is consumed daily, then it gets rid of many diseases.


But if something is eaten in excess, then it has a huge effect on health, the same is with apples, today we will tell you how many apples it will be right to eat in a day and what is the harm by eating more apples.

A person should not eat more than one or two apples throughout the day, if you eat more apples then you may have side effects. Apples loaded with carbohydrates are considered one of the best before workouts, but if you eat more apples than you need, it can increase your blood sugar level.

Apples contain a lot of carbs, which gives instant energy to the body but eating more apples can also lead to weight gain because the body burns only the carbs first, if you eat more apples at a time, your body will not be able to burn fat.