Health Tips- Eat sweets like this during festive season, it will be beneficial for health.


Choose homemade sweets:

In the present times, purchasing sweets from outside sources has become common. Our ancestors would have eaten homemade sweets without compromising their health. Especially for people without any underlying health issues , enjoying homemade sweets can be a better and healthier option.

Importance of time:

According to Ayurveda , the ideal time to eat sweets is before the main meal , especially before lunch. Dietary principles emphasize the consumption of the Shadrasaka diet , which includes all six tastes, including the sweetness of sweets. Eating sweets at the beginning of a meal is considered more favorable than eating sweets after it.

Choose natural sugar alternatives:

Advocates the use of natural sugar substitutes in sweet preparations. Substitute homemade sweets made from natural sweeteners like jaggery , its powder , syrup , coconut , date sugar , or honey can reduce the adverse health effects associated with refined sugar consumption.