Health Tips: Eat roti for weight loss, now which flour is beneficial for health between millet and maize


People adopt many methods to lose weight. Many people stop eating and drinking, but not eating food does not reduce weight. According to dieticians and nutritionists, there are many such dishes in Indian food, which are helpful in reducing weight. To reduce excess fat, we should include such food items in our diet. You will find many low-carb options in your own kitchen, whose consumption is also beneficial for your health and is also helpful in reducing weight. Cereals like jowar, maize, and bajna are well produced in India. As an alternative to food, you use it somewhere in your daily food. But do you know that by consuming these grains, weight can also be reduced? Here we are going to tell about the benefits of consuming nutrients found in two of the most commonly used cereals, maize, and millet. Both are effective in reducing weight.


Benefits of consuming millet
Millet is rich in protein, fiber, and minerals beneficial to health. Millet is a better option in terms of health in cereals. Due to the high amount of fiber in millet, it makes the stomach feel full for a long time. Due to which people avoid overeating and keep their weight under control. Therefore, to reduce weight, you can include millet roti in your diet. Apart from this, consuming millet is beneficial even if you have digestive problems. Magnesium, potassium is found in millet, which helps in keeping the heart healthy along with the body.


benefits of eating corn
People usually consume maize more in winters. It is a good food item as a substitute for wheat flour. Maize is rich in iron, phosphorus, zinc, and many vitamins. Its consumption is not only good in reducing weight but also for eyesight. Apart from this, maize is also helpful in the prevention of cancer and anemia. Due to the carbohydrates present in maize, the energy level is maintained and appetite is reduced and weight is controlled. Consumption of maize flour also provides a sufficient amount of fiber to the body, due to which the level of cholesterol in the body remains normal and the problem of constipation also gets rid of.

Which flour is more beneficial between maize and millet
Although both millet and maize are beneficial for health and are helpful in reducing weight if you compare which of the grains of millet and maize is effective in reducing weight fast, then both are gluten-free but It would be a better option to choose Bajra because of its relatively low calories. But excessive consumption of millet can be harmful to stone patients. The phytic acid present in millet can also cause problems in the absorption of food in the intestine.

side effects of consuming corn
On the other hand, people who have problems with blood clots and thrombosis should avoid the consumption of maize, as it is difficult for them to digest maize. They may also have gas, diarrhea, and digestive problems.

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