Health Tips: Drinking tea after heating it again and again works as a slow poison, know its disadvantages


Indian people are very fond of drinking tea. After water, the second most consumed substance in India is tea. From starting the day to uplifting the mood and relieving fatigue, tea has taken up the responsibility. Many people are fond of tea, but due to laziness, they make tea once and then heat it again and again and consume it. But do you know that this hobby and laziness of yours can take a toll on your health? Yes, repeatedly heating tea and drinking it causes a lot of harm to health. Today in this episode we are going to tell you how this habit can harm your health. Let's know about them...


Bacteria come in stored tea
Keep in mind that avoid drinking tea kept for a long time. Many bacteria come in the stored tea, which can prove to be harmful to your health. If you consume tea with milk, then there is a risk of microbes growing in the stored tea. On the other hand, even if you drink herbal tea after heating it, do not drink it, because all the properties present inside it go out. Microbes like bacteria start to grow by reheating. Which can also prove to be the cause of many types of problems and cancer inside the body.

Risk of stomach-related diseases
Whenever you heat the tea and drink it, by doing so all the properties and good compounds of the tea come out. After which drinking it not only becomes tasteless. Rather it also spoils health. Let us tell you that drinking hot tea can cause diarrhoea, vomiting, cramps, and digestive problems. In this sense, it can be said that tea should not be drunk after heating it.

Parkinson's disease risk
According to Research Gate, Parkinson's disease is a neurological condition of the body, in which neuroses are affected. Due to this, the speed of our memory and thinking and focusing on some work starts decreasing gradually. Excessive consumption of tea and drinking it after reheating increases the risk of this disease. If you have constipation, muscle spasms, hoarseness of voice, twitching of the hands, or smell disorders, contact a doctor immediately.


Microbial growth
If you leave the tea for a long time i.e. for about 4 hours, during this time many bacteria and germs enter the tea. In such a situation, if you heat the tea, it not only changes the taste. Rather, all the beneficial nutrients present inside the tea go out. At the same time, most the Indian people often consume tea with milk. In which there is a danger of developing microbes quickly. Apart from this, if you drink herbal tea after heating it, then all the properties present inside it also come out. That's why do not keep the tea for a long time and do not drink it after heating.