Health Tips: Do you also sleep wearing a bra at night? So know its advantages and disadvantages!


Bras were probably used by women in ancient times to tie under their breasts. Women wore corsets before Crosby made bras during World War I. The army needed the metal used inside these garments to make war material. So women had to design a separate garment to support their breasts, and that's how we got the bra we see today.

Due to the different sizes and shapes of breasts, there are many opinions on why women should wear bras and how long they should wear them. Therefore being surprised about this is nothing new. Today we will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of always wearing a bra-

For various reasons, some women choose to wear a bra throughout the day, including sleeping at night. Some argue that being in a bra all day and night will increase your risk of breast cancer. However, this claim is not supported by scientific evidence. So what are the health effects of sleeping and wearing a bra, let's know.



Reduces breast pain.

Some women experience breast pain during their period cycle. This problem is caused by hormonal fluctuations as the body sheds the uterine lining in preparation for the next month. In such a situation, wearing a bra helps in restricting the pain in the breast.

Relieve back and neck pain:

Large breast size can cause back pain for some women. In such a situation, sleeping wearing a bra provides extra support, which provides comfort while sleeping. Several studies have supported the need for a fitted bra to reduce discomfort in the upper back and neck area.

Wearing a bra also helps you avoid any kind of uncomfortable situation. If for some reason your shirt, T-shirt, or dress becomes deep, a bra helps you feel comfortable. Also often there is a normal reaction of the body to cold weather, in which the nipples become hard and pronounced under clothing. The bra is helpful in this situation also.



Skin irritation and pain

Constantly wearing an ill-fitting bra can cause friction on the skin, leading to minor scratches and wounds. These injuries remain unnoticed, especially while tossing and turning while sleeping at night. Metals in bras can cause lacerations and some fabrics can cause skin irritation.

Sleep Disturbances

Mainly caused by ill-fitting bras, some women have trouble getting a good night's sleep. In this case, try using a sports bra, as it usually does not contain any wires or metal pieces.

Infections can occur with organisms living on everyone's skin. These are generally harmless. However, given certain circumstances, these creatures can attack us and cause serious situations. The problem occurs when you start sweating at night, which creates moisture. Let's say your bra causes friction or scratches on the skin. In that case, it leaves a way for microorganisms to enter and infection begins.