Health Tips: Do you also drink water immediately after taking it out from the fridge? There is a risk of these diseases including obesity!


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As soon as summer arrives, people start keeping water bottles in the fridge and when they feel thirsty, they drink water directly from the fridge. But do you know that drinking cold water straight from the refrigerator can be harmful to health? Drinking cold water from the refrigerator not only increases obesity but also increases the risk of many diseases.

Dangerous for the heart

Drinking cold water is very dangerous for the heart. This causes the blood vessels to contract and blood flow slows down. Drinking cold water causes the blood vessels to become very tight, which can cause discomfort.


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Increases obesity

Drinking cold water melts body fat very slowly. Due to this, there is a lot of difficulty in reducing obesity and burning fat. If you want to lose weight then completely avoid drinking cold water. Drink normal or lukewarm water instead.


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Affects digestion

Drinking cold water can impair digestion. Try to avoid drinking cold water from the refrigerator as it can spoil digestion. This may cause constipation.