Health Tips: Do not make these mistakes even by mistake after eating, it will cost you heavily.


Along with change in lifestyle, change in eating habits has also been seen. We are not eating food on time and are eating whatever is available instead of healthy food. Apart from this, if you are eating healthy food and are making mistakes after eating it, then it will not benefit you. So let us know what things need to be kept in mind. 

You do not have to sleep immediately after eating. Doing this will increase your obesity and along with it you will also have burning sensation and acid in your chest. Due to which the digestion process can be disrupted. Therefore, instead of lying down after eating, you can go for a walk. 


You have to clean your teeth after eating. If cleaning is not done then teeth and gums may get infected with insects. Food particles remain on the teeth and the spaces between them, so whenever you eat food, be sure to clean your teeth.

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