HEALTH TIPS : Do not be ashamed: talk openly about periods, these 10 things you must know

HEALTH TIPS : Do not be ashamed: talk openly about periods, these 10 things you must know

This thing was bothering the 35-year-old Saloni, who was suffering from bleeding for 10 consecutive days, but there was hesitation in her mind as to whom to say. He was understanding that such heavy bleeding could not be normal. When the mother-in-law was asked, she said, oh nothing to worry about, it happens. What to think about it? When told to the neighboring sister-in-law, expressing concern, she listed her four problems. Eventually, Saloni picked up the phone to call her mother and fell down feeling dizzy. When taken to the hospital, it was found that there is a problem related to the uterus. He has become very weak due to excessive bleeding. Finally, after 6 months of treatment, Saloni was able to return to regular life again. Vishakha got advice from her mother to use household clothes on 'those special days. The rest of his friends and women of identity did the same. Drying those clothes in dark corners and using them again, was the rule. And then one day suddenly there was severe itching and burning in the private parts of Vishakha. Which was tried to be suppressed for a few days by applying coconut oil on the advice of the women of the house, but when the problem increased, he went to the only government hospital in the town and showed it to the doctor. It was found that the infection was caused by dirty clothes which started spreading to the internal organs. And if it was late, it could have taken a serious form.

HEALTH TIPS : Do not be ashamed: talk openly about periods, these 10 things you must know

These two situations may be familiar to you or you may wonder whether this still happens after reading them? The answer is yes. Today in the year 2021, when we are talking about getting home on Mars, traveling in flying cars, and employing robots as domestic servants, then in our own country there is also a large section that has the ability to buy normal sanitary napkins. Not even the strength, for which cosmetic and fashionable clothes are out in the market but there are no toilets or bathrooms in the market if needed and who still hesitates to talk about his physical problems. This class is of women. Even now, there is more than 55 percent of women in the country cannot afford sanitary pads every month. Not only this, many people lost their jobs after the arrival of the Corona epidemic and it has also affected women's ability to buy sanitary pads.

far away from hygiene

At a time when the whole world is focusing on health and hygiene, a large percentage of women in India do not even know about menstrual hygiene properly. This ignorance can lead to serious infections and death.

HEALTH TIPS : Do not be ashamed: talk openly about periods, these 10 things you must know

Keep these things in mind:

Do not use the same sanitary napkin for a long time.

* If you use household clothes etc., then first wash those clothes in boiling water, then dry in the open air, and then use.

* Never dry used clothes in dirty places and in the dark

*Keep your private parts clean regularly. Take special care of cleaning them during the menstrual cycle. Do this cleaning from the front parts to the back parts. Doctors agree that most women do not understand the importance of this and this increases the risk of infection even more.

* Immediately pay attention to symptoms like heavy bleeding, irregular periods, severe abdominal pain, itching in private parts, burning or pain or blisters, etc., and see a doctor.

* Take extra care while traveling outside or using public toilets in the market etc. and prioritize clean places.

* Consume an adequate amount of food and water during the menstrual cycle. Include peanuts, jaggery, fresh green vegetables, milk, curd, pulses, etc. in the diet.

our responsibility

We all have a responsibility to spread information about this natural process among women and encourage women to talk about their problems. For this, anyone can extend a helping hand. Something like this-

* Motivate the women in your house (mother, wife, sister, sister-in-law, aunt, etc.) to not hide their health problems, talk about them so that they can get timely treatment.

* If possible, inform about the cleanliness related to this natural cycle to the underprivileged women around you, the women helping in the household chores and if possible also help in providing sanitary napkins to them. For this, you can also work by forming a group.

* The women of the house and family work hard for the health of their family by ignoring themselves. In such a situation, it becomes the responsibility of the men of the house that they also take care of the health of women. Remember, to say that the menstrual cycle is a normal natural process, but its smoothness is very important for the health of women. Therefore, openly talk about any problem regarding this and motivate the women too. So that the women who give you affection, run your family, do not lose their lives due to some serious problem.

Note: Dr. Parvesh Malik is a Physician and is currently working at Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Panipat. Dr. Malik has completed his ABBS from Maharishi Markandeshwar Institute of Health Sciences and Research Mullana, Haryana. He also did MD in General Medicine. Prior to working at Cygnus Maharaja Agrasen Hospital, Panipat, Dr. Parvesh worked as a Junior Resident at MM Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Maharishi Markandeshwar University.

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