Health Tips: Divided 24 hours of the day like this!


A new research conducted on the relationship between 24-hour daily routine and heart diseases and diabetes has revealed shocking results. In this research, more than 2,000 adults wore sensors for seven days, which allowed scientists to know the time they spent sitting, standing, doing small tasks like going to their home or office to get water, and sleeping. 

According to new research from Swinburne University of Technology and Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute, published in the journal Diabetology , 8 hours of sleep is necessary to reduce the risk of heart diseases, stroke and diabetes. Also, at least 2.2 hours of light to moderate activity is also necessary every day. 

Divided 24 hours of the day like this-

8 hours of sleep


Sleep is like medicine for health. In such a situation, 8 hours of sleep helps in reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and diabetes.

light activity

At least 2.2 hours of light to moderate activity every day, such as getting up to drink water, going to the washroom or taking a walk with friends. This activity proves helpful in controlling sugar and increasing metabolism.

To stand

Stand for at least 5.2 hours every day. Reducing sitting time and increasing standing time can help prevent heart diseases.

Moderate to vigorous activity

Moderate to vigorous activity like walking more than 100 steps per minute should be done for more than 2 hours every day.

Guidelines will be prepared soon

There are preparations to make new guidelines in Australia on the basis of this research. This research is inspiring for those who want to improve their health and avoid heart diseases and diabetes.