Health Tips: Diabetes is wreaking havoc among the youth!


In today's busy life, it is having a bad effect on our health. Things like poor eating habits, lack of exercise, and stressful lifestyle are causing many diseases. One of these is diabetes. This is a disease in which the body is unable to properly use the sugar (glucose) present in the blood. This disease was usually seen in the elderly, but now it is increasing rapidly among the youth as well.


According to a new report by Diabetes UK, the incidence of type 2 diabetes in people under the age of 40 has increased by almost 40% in the UK in the last 5 years. This disease usually affects the middle-aged and elderly, but is now increasing rapidly among the youth as well. The same situation is being seen all over the world. According to data from the International Diabetes Federation, the rate of diabetes among people between 20 and 39 years has increased from 2.9% (63 million people) in 2013 to 3.8% (260 million) in 2021.

The report states that type 2 diabetes occurring at a young age can be more serious than diabetes occurring later. This rapidly increases insulin resistance in the body and makes it difficult to control the sugar level. Also, it increases the risk of early problems in the eyes, kidneys, and feet. Studies show that the average age of people suffering from type 2 diabetes at the age of 30 is 14 years less than that of healthy people. At the same time, in diabetes occurring after 70 years, this age difference is only 2 years.

Obesity is the main reason

According to the report, the main cause of diabetes in youth is obesity. Worldwide, obesity rates in children and adults have more than doubled in the last three decades. Overweight and obesity are the biggest risk factors for type 2 diabetes in people under the age of 40. The report also raises concern that governments are not taking adequate steps to reduce obesity and promote healthy eating.

Diabetes UK says its report will serve as a 'wake-up call' for policymakers. The report calls for reform of the food system, which currently promotes unhealthy and processed food. Both food system reform and government activism are needed to protect people's health and the environment.