Health Tips: Consuming flaxseed will give you relief from many diseases, start doing it today itself.


In Ayurveda, many things have been said to be panacea for diseases, hence we get to eat many such small things which can cure many types of diseases. In such a situation, today we are telling you about one such small thing, flaxseed, which will give you great benefit in many diseases.

Flax seeds are beneficial for heart disease and are good to eat. Besides, it is no less than a boon for the heart. Elements like omega-3 fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants are found in them. Its consumption reduces cholesterol and reduces the risk of heart disease. 

Apart from this, consumption of flaxseed also increases your digestive power It contains high level of fiber which helps in keeping the stomach clean. The enzymes present in it are helpful in digestion of food. Flaxseed reduces the problems of constipation, acidity, gas and indigestion.