Health Tips: Consuming desi ghee is very beneficial, but should be done in the right quantity


It is not at all correct to say that eating desi ghee increases your weight. If you use it in the right quantity and in the right way, then it is very useful for you. In such a situation, today we are telling you what are the benefits of desi ghee when used properly. 

Eat in chapati or vegetable

You can also eat ghee by applying it on vegetables, whole grains or chapati. This will not only increase the taste of your dishes, but will also give you strength by eating it. In such a situation, it is up to you to decide in what quantity you can eat it.

Take before pre-workout

If you do workout then you can take it before pre-workout also. You will get its direct benefit. By using ghee, you will feel a lot of energy and you will not feel tired during the workout.