Health tips: By eating cabbage, the tapeworm worm reaches the brain, know its harm and methods of prevention


Our diet plays an important role in keeping us healthy. If we are eating healthy food, we are consuming such food in which many other nutrients like protein, vitamins, zinc, iron are present. So in such a situation, they work to benefit our body in many ways. But do you consume cabbage? If yes, then you need to take care of some things before eating them, because it can harm you. Actually, the tapeworm present in it can cause a lot of damage to the brain of the human body. In such a situation, if you eat a burger, Chowmein, momos, spring roll, or cabbage vegetable. So it is very important for you to pay attention to some things. So let's know about them.


This is how the body is harmed
The worm present in cabbage is called tapeworm and it reaches the brain by consuming cabbage. These worms penetrate the intestinal mucosa of the human body and reach the main bloodstream of the body. After this, they reach the brain breaking our blood-brain barrier with blood.

These problems can happen:-

- swelling of the brain
- brain problems
Sub-dural infection.

can protect like this


clean and wash
Wash the cabbage thoroughly before cutting it. Use clean water to wash and clean it thoroughly.

take care while cutting
When we cut cabbage, we should pay attention that there is no worm or anything else in it. For this, first, cut it from the middle, and then after cutting take a good look once again.

cook well
Keep in mind that after you have washed and cut the cabbage properly, now you have to cook it well. Cook the vegetable on low flame instead of high flame and at a fixed temperature. So that the vegetable does not remain raw.

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