Health tips: American Heart Association: you can stay safe from a heart attack, do not ignore these symptoms


According to the American Heart Association, heart disease is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. In this too, most people die due to the problem of heart attack and cardiac arrest. If their symptoms are recognized in time, then the risks of not only heart diseases but also death due to it can be reduced. According to health experts, a heart attack can occur due to sudden interruption or blockage of blood supply to the heart. The main reason for this is generally believed to be the clogging of arteries due to high cholesterol. Unhealthy habits like smoking can also cause narrowing of the arteries, which increases the risk of a heart attack.


According to health organizations, the incidence of a heart attack in Asian people is 30 percent higher than in other people. Heart attack symptoms can vary from person to person depending on the underlying cause. However, according to The American Heart Association, this risk can be avoided by paying attention to certain symptoms that persist in the body for a long time. Let's know about this.

Recognize the symptoms of heart attack
In a conversation, Senior Cardiologist Dr. Mayank Asthana explains, the symptoms of a heart attack can range from chest pain to shortness of breath and feeling restlessness. People generally think that pain in the left side of the chest is related to heart disease, although the pain in many other parts of the body can also be a sign of heart attack problems. Any pain from the jaw to the navel can be related to the heart. About 30 percent of people die within an hour of a heart attack, so it is very important to understand its symptoms and risk factors.


chest discomfort or discomfort
According to the American Heart Association, if the problem of persistent discomfort, pain, or pressure in your chest persists, then it should not be ignored. In the beginning, the discomfort in the chest is mild, which increases with time. According to experts, in case of a heart attack, most people have pain in the center of the chest, which can last for a few minutes and then stops. This pain can happen again after some time, do not ignore it at all.

upper body problem
Apart from chest pain in the problem of heart attack, discomfort can also be experienced in the upper parts of the body such as the jaw, stomach, arms, neck, or back. Earlier it was believed that pain in the left arm and shoulder was associated with a heart attack. However, now experts also see the pain in the right arm as a sign. In case of such pain, please consult a doctor.

persistent tiredness or shortness of breath
According to the American Heart Association, if you have persistent fatigue or shortness of breath, then definitely consult a doctor about this, it can be considered a sign of a heart attack. About 90 percent of heart attack patients experience chest discomfort or pain. Early detection of these symptoms can prevent the condition from becoming serious.

Note: This article has been prepared based on suggestions from the American Heart Association.

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