Health Tips: All types of diseases will remain away in winter, drink this tea daily!


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Enjoying hot tea in the winter season is a different experience. Many people like to drink tea to keep their bodies warm during the winter season. Along with adding the right amount of spices to tea, cooking it in the right way can also prove to be very beneficial for health. Some people add sugar or stevia to tea, but drinking tea with jaggery in the winter season can provide many health benefits.

Jaggery is considered very beneficial for health. If you drink jaggery tea daily during the winter season, it can boost digestion.

Jaggery helps in providing instant energy to the body and keeps the body active. In winter, when you feel hungry, drinking jaggery tea provides relief.


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Jaggery tea can help reduce the risk of anaemia. When haemoglobin is not produced in sufficient quantity in our body, symptoms of anaemia start appearing in the body. Drinking tea with jaggery can provide relief from these symptoms.


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Jaggery tea can also be beneficial for losing weight. When there is a fear of weight gain by drinking tea with sugar, then drinking tea mixed with jaggery increases metabolism and can reduce weight.