Health Tips Alert: Do not consume these four things with curd even by mistake


Dr. Parvesh Malik 

Physician, Ujala Cygnus Hospital

Degree- MBBS, MD (General Medicine)

Medically Reviewed by Dr. Parvesh Malik

If it is said that curd has become the most essential item of our Indian food, then perhaps there will be nothing wrong with it. People like to eat curd with parathas, puris, vegetables, etc. If there is no curd with the food of many people, then they feel as if their food is incomplete. Not only this, along with eating curd directly, people also include it in their food in the form of raita, sweet curd, buttermilk, etc. It is not wrong to eat curd, because curd only works to give benefit to our body, but you might not know that with what things consuming curd can harm your body and you are vulnerable to diseases. Can you come? So let's tell you about it.


Urad Dal - Photo: istock    

With urad dal

  • Consuming curd with urad dal can cause problems like loose motion, gas, stomach problems, and bloating. Therefore, consuming urad dal and curd together should be avoided.


Onion Benefits - Photo: Pixabay    

With onions

  • It is often seen that people consume onion raita instead of cucumber raita or by adding onion directly to curd. Here it has to be understood that the effect of both curd and onion is different. In such a situation, if they are consumed in combination, then it can make you vulnerable to many diseases like ringworm, itching, eczema, and stomach-related diseases.


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With fish

  • Many people consume fish with curd because doing so can cause many problems in the stomach. Problems like stomach ache, indigestion are common in this.


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With fried things

  • Many people consume curd with fried things, such as parathas or pakodas. But this is wrong, due to which your health can deteriorate. It can even have a bad effect on your digestion.

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