Health: These people should not eat brinjal even by mistake, they will become victims of serious illness!


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Brinjal is abundant during the rainy season. Eating brinjal also has many benefits. According to doctors, the consumption of brinjal is beneficial in many chronic diseases including blood sugar, and heart disease. There are some people who should avoid eating brinjal. If not, then they may have to face loss instead of profit. So let's know which people should avoid brinjal.

Disadvantages of eating brinjal


People suffering from piles should avoid brinjal. Failure to do so may increase the problem of piles.

People with stomach disorders

People who have frequent stomach problems should avoid eating brinjal. Doing this can increase gas acidity, which can make it difficult to do anything.


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People who have complaints of anemia should not eat brinjal even by mistake. By doing this, there is an obstruction in the production of blood in the body, due to which the body becomes weak.

People suffering from skin allergies should also avoid eating brinjal when there is an allergy. For such people, brinjal can be a deal of loss. This can increase their allergies.

Kidney stone 

Pain can make anyone uncomfortable. People who have this problem should not eat brinjal at all. Oxalate found in brinjal can increase the problem of stones.