Health: Take care of girls with the help of these tips during periods for the first time, pain and irritation will be reduced!


Everyone experiences periods differently. Some have to deal with pain, while others go through mood swings. Girls start having periods in their teenage. There are rapid physical and mental changes at this age and it takes a long time to understand. Periods also change the emotions of girls and managing them is quite challenging for the parents. Mood changes are caused by hormonal changes. So one has to face problems like body pain, acne, anger, and mood swings. In such a situation, parents should understand the changing feelings of the child and try to handle them in a better way.


Control mood swings

According to Wellwell Family, teenage girls are more likely to have problems with mood swings. In such a situation, it is very important to encourage girls to get out of the bad mood. Talk about what really bothers them and try to solve their problem.

Wake up girls hobbies

Teenage girls sometimes tend to ignore their hobbies. At such a time, promote girls' hobbies and arouse their interest. They may experience less pain and discomfort if they engage in certain activities during their periods. So try to involve them in their hobby.


Encourage in private

Many girls feel irritable during periods and do not understand this behavioral change. Encourage girls to spend some time alone during such times. Being alone will help them adjust to their situation.

How to track periods

Get in the habit of tracking your period. Encourage girls to keep a diary to write down the dates of periods or mood swings. By doing this they will write about their good and bad feelings and try to control them.