Health symptoms that should not be ignored: Men should not ignore these health-related symptoms, it may be dangerous

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Health symptoms that should not be ignored: According to the study, symptoms like chest pain, difficulty in urination, erectile dysfunction should not be ignored by men.

Health symptoms that should not be ignored: The run-of-the-mill life has affected our lifestyle badly. We are engaged in so many activities that we do not even know that our body needs care. The result of this is that we become unaware of the diseases of our bodies. According to the news of TOI, it has been mentioned in some studies that men often hide their health problems. He feels that he is fit from above, so he does not have any health problems. They even hesitate to go to the doctor. But if you are feeling healthy, it does not mean that you will be healthy from the inside too. Ignoring inner health can be overwhelming. Some signs that occur in men can be dangerous. Therefore, these signs should not be ignored.

Difficulty passing urine

Burning in urination, change in color of urine, blood in urine, frequent urination, all these are dangerous signs for men's health. If there is blood in the urine, it means that there is some infection or early symptoms of prostate cancer. If there is a frequent urge to urinate, then it is indicating urinary tract infection, bladder infection, diabetes, kidney or heart problem.

Pain in chest

If there is abnormal pain in the chest, then it can give rise to many diseases related to the heart. Shortness of breath, pain in the shoulders, excessive sweating, unusual chest pain, feeling tired after doing little work, all these are signs of heart disease. Cardiac arrest can also occur in this situation. It has nothing to do with age. It can be a problem even at a young age. As soon as these signs appear, a doctor should be contacted immediately. The habit of drinking and smoking should also be given up immediately.

Abnormal mole or lump around the genitals

Many times we do not pay attention to the genitals. Changes in the color of the mole around the genitals are a sign of serious illness. Apart from this, if a lump is formed, it can be a sign of an infection. That is why we need to take care of our reproductive organs. A change in the color of a mole or lump can be cancer. So daily we should pay attention to such changes around our reproductive organs. According to the study, testicular cancer has started occurring in people from a young age. If there is a change in the color of the skin in other parts of the body, then it can also be a sign of cancer.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction means that the reproductive organs become dysfunctional before forming a relationship, a disease that occurs in men. In most cases, this problem occurs in men after 50, but youth are also not untouched by it. The biggest thing is that erectile dysfunction can be a precursor to many other diseases. Erectile dysfunction not only affects sexual performance but can also affect many other organs. If there is a serious problem of erectile dysfunction, then it can lead to kidney failure, diabetes, neurological disorders.