Health: Stubborn tanning problem can be overcome with 2 rupees coffee ... here is the right way to use it


Coffee Mask For Tanning: Exposure to sunlight in the summer season causes the problem of tanning. This damages the outer layer of the skin. The color of the skin also fades. It looks very ugly on the skin. Although many options are already available in the market to reduce skin tanning, but some options are expensive and some contain so much chemicals that they harm the skin even more. We are telling you some tips to remove tanning from coffee, which can prove to be really effective. Let us know about them.


Coffee honey and raw milk face pack

Coffee powder - two spoons
Honey - 2 teaspoons
Raw milk - two spoons

How To Make: 
Mix all the ingredients together in a bowl. Mix it until it becomes a smooth paste. If the face pack looks thick or thin, then the amount of milk can be increased or decreased. Once the paste is ready, apply it on the face for 10 to 15 minutes and leave it on the face. After some time, massage the face in circular motion. This will remove the dirt, dead skin of the skin and now wash the face. Applying two to three times a week will give quick benefits.

Olive oil and coffee face pack
You can also apply a face pack made of coffee and olive oil to bring natural glow to the skin and remove tanning. For this you take olive oil and take coffee. Mix both of these well. Now apply it on the face and leave it for 15 to 20 minutes. After this wash the face with plain water.


Coffee turmeric and curd face pack
Coffee is a great exfoliator. It works to scrub the face well and gets rid of tanning caused by sun rays. This also removes the problem of pigmentation. Make a paste by mixing one spoon of coffee, turmeric and curd in a bowl. Apply it on the face and leave it for 20 minutes, then wash the face with normal water. Applying this pack twice a week will be beneficial.