Health: Should we drink water before sleeping at night or not? Experts made a shocking disclosure!


Drinking water is very important for health. Adequate water intake is essential for good health. Water scarcity causes many serious problems. That's why people are advised to drink plenty of water daily. There are some people who drink a lot of water before sleeping at night and think that there will be no shortage of water in their bodies.

According to experts, drinking water carefully before sleeping at night. Doing it wrongly can cause swelling in some parts of the body. According to Dietician Kamini Sinha, founder of Diet Mantra, Noida, drinking water before sleeping at night is not beneficial. Generally, people should drink water 1 hour before sleeping. Drinking milk before sleeping is beneficial. By drinking milk, you get protein, which benefits your body while sleeping.

If you are thirsty, you can drink water. But you should habitually avoid drinking water when you are not thirsty. Sleeping immediately after drinking too much water can cause swelling in the face and hands and feet. This is called water retention or edema.


Constipation patients should do this

Dietician Kamini says that people suffering from constipation can drink some water before sleeping. But they should wake up in the morning and drink plenty of water on an empty stomach. This will help them get rid of this problem and improve digestion.

It is also worth noting that people should drink at least 2-3 liters of water per day. So that they remain hydrated and the problem of dehydration does not arise. Water is very important for the body and it becomes even more important in summer. Water is very beneficial for kidney stone patients.


It is better to drink milk instead of water before sleeping at night.

According to experts, drinking milk before sleeping at night is considered beneficial. It improves digestion and relieves many diseases. People suffering from constipation and the gas problem can drink a glass of warm milk at night. This removes fatigue and gives good sleep. Even in Ayurveda, nighttime has been said to be most beneficial for drinking milk.