HEalth: Please pay attention! You are at risk of diabetes from Good Luck food curd sugar...


Curd With Sugar Cause Diabetes: Talking about Indian homes, people go out after eating curd and sugar before going to any auspicious event. This tradition is centuries old. That's why curd sugar is also called the good luck food of India. If children are going to give an exam, they also do not forget to eat curd and sugar. But if we tell you that curd sugar is harmful to your health, then you might not believe it easily.

But eating curd and sugar regularly is not at all good for our health. By eating curd sugar daily, you are at risk of getting not one but many types of diseases.


It is very beneficial to eat curd empty or after adding salt, but adding sugar to it increases the risk of many diseases. Diabetes is one of these diseases. If you consume a good amount of curd and sugar every day, then it increases the risk of diabetes. It increases blood sugar levels. Due to an increase in blood sugar, the risk of diabetes also increases.

Gaining weight
The amount of calories in curd sugar is high. Curd sugar can be found in a bowl from 200 to 300 calories. Eating more calories daily increases the risk of weight gain. Please tell us that due to obesity, there is a risk of other health problems in the body.

Cavity risk
White curd is a healthy food, but mixing it with sugar turns many of its benefits into disadvantages. Empty curd contains nutrients like protein, vitamin D, good bacteria, and calcium, but if consumed in excess with sugar, it causes tooth decay.


Curd sugar is even more harmful when lactose intolerance and sugar sensitivity are high. It increases the risk of diarrhoea. Empty curd is better, but as soon as the sugar is added to it, the imbalance can arise in the microbiome of the intestine. This obstructs the digestion process.