Health: Is it better to eat almonds peeled or unpeeled? Learn here!


PC: Aaj Tak

It is said that if soaked almonds are fed to children, it sharpens the brain. Almond is a dry fruit that has many health benefits. It also gives relief from many diseases. Almonds are also used for decoration on sweets. Almonds are rich in nutrients. Most people eat soaked almonds as it provides more health benefits. But today we are going to know a different truth about almonds whether almonds should be peeled after soaking or not? Actually, soaking almonds increases their nutritional value. Almond bark contains a substance called tannin. Due to this, the nutrients present in almonds are not absorbed. That is why some people do not eat the peel of almonds. But along with this, there are other benefits of eating almonds after removing the peel.

The peel of almonds is slightly dry and bitter. Peeling increases the sweetness of almonds. Also, if you eat almonds after peeling them, then the pesticides and chemicals present in them are also saved from entering your stomach. The almond peel can also be harmful to health. That's why almonds are 100 percent pure and healthy even after peeling them.

Eating almonds provides relief from heart-related problems. Almonds contain good fatty acids, especially monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats that are known to be good for your heart.

Almond is also very useful for weight loss. Actually, almonds are rich in fiber, protein, and fat. That's why hunger is controlled by eating it.

Eating soaked and peeled almonds also helps in maintaining blood sugar levels. Almonds contain magnesium, which regulates blood sugar levels.