Health: If your weight is also less then there is always a danger of getting these diseases!


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Nowadays most people are troubled by obesity. People adopt different methods to lose weight. Due to obesity, they are also at risk of many diseases. However, it is also true that if you are too thin, it can lead to some serious diseases in the body. If your body is lean then it needs attention. So let's know what diseases you can get if you are too thin...


Some people become excessively lean, their body lacks nutrients and they become malnourished. In such a situation, whatever he eats or drinks, his body does not like it. Because of this they always go through the problem of weakness, fatigue, and toothache.

Weak immunity

If you are underweight then your immunity can be very weak. Due to this, other diseases also get cured quickly. Weakened immune systems can exacerbate the problem in thin people.


also increases due to lack of nutrition in the body due to lack of vitamin D and calcium. Due to this the problem of osteoporosis can increase. Due to this your bones become very weak.

Decreased height

When there is a lack of nutrition in the body, it also affects the height of the person. Therefore, if your child is underweight, then give him plenty of nutritious food for his development. Being too thin also reduces the height of the child.