Health: If your neck is turning black then it may be due to this disease, click here to know!


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It is not easy to find time for yourself in a busy life. As a result, we often neglect both our body and health, leading to various difficulties. As a result, people often notice the darkening of their necks. If not cleaned properly, the neck can turn black, but do you know that it can put you in danger? In today's report, we will tell you that darkening of the neck can be a sign of many diseases.

Darkening of the neck:

Although people often experience darkening of the neck, for diabetics it can be a sign of many diseases or pain. Diabetes causes many diseases. A black neck indicates liver disease or stroke. If you also see these symptoms, then know that it could be due to some disease. Seeing these symptoms, you should become alert and consult a doctor.


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Do these measures:

You can get rid of it by trying some measures yourself like regular exercise, eating a balanced diet, reducing stress and anxiety, etc. A report has found that neck darkness may be associated with an increased risk of hepatic fat and fibrosis in diabetic patients. Apart from this, a study in AIIMS Hospital found that darkening of the neck indicates liver damage in diabetic patients. It has also been claimed that darkening of the neck is more commonly seen in people with insulin resistance.

Symptoms of Diabetes:

Apart from this, dark spots are also seen on some parts of the body, which are usually found in people suffering from diabetes or obesity. There are many symptoms of diabetes like frequent urination, continuous weight loss, tingling in hands and feet, etc. However, there is no treatment for dark spots because they grow on their own. But for this, you can contact a dermatologist.