Health: If you want to remain young even at the age of 40, include these things in your diet!



The food we eat has a direct impact on our skin. To get glowing and soft skin, it is very important to pay attention to your diet. Women, especially, focus on keeping their skin healthy, incorporating various beauty tips into their daily routine. According to experts, including certain foods in your daily diet brings glowing skin and provides many health benefits.

Green vegetables:

It is important to include green vegetables in your diet. Vegetables like fenugreek, mustard greens and spinach are rich in chlorophyll, antioxidants and polyphenols, which keep the skin from becoming dull. With its regular consumption, the skin remains soft and glowing.


Pomegranate is a fruit rich in antioxidants. Its regular consumption removes anaemia and brings a glow to the skin. Consumption of pomegranate increases blood circulation, and prevents fine lines and dark spots.


PC: Amar Ujala


Yogurt contains calcium and probiotics which act as anti-aging agents. Including curd in your diet reduces blemishes and makes the skin glow.


Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, which is known to increase collagen production in the skin. Including lemon in your diet regularly can help in eliminating blemishes and its juice can be beneficial in getting clear skin.


Watermelon helps in keeping the skin hydrated during the summer season. It is rich in Vitamin C, which protects the skin from UV rays. Regular consumption of watermelon contributes to maintaining moisture in the skin.