Health: If you see these symptoms then understand that your liver is deteriorating! This ignorance can be costly!


You must have seen or heard of many cases of death of people due to liver failure. Because the liver is one of the most important organs of the human body. The liver is responsible for many functions including metabolic and synthetic functions. That's why it is important to pay attention to the health of the liver. Viral infections, excessive alcohol consumption, and obesity can damage the liver.

Liver cirrhosis can also occur over time. , People with liver damage or liver-related diseases may show a variety of symptoms. Everyone should pay attention to these symptoms. So that liver-related problems can be treated in time.


Symptoms of liver damage

1) Itchy skin: Itchy skin is one of the common symptoms of liver damage. If your skin is itching then it can also be a sign of jaundice. Several disorders such as gallstones, bile duct cancer, or biliary cirrhosis can also cause itchy skin. But, if the itching is due to liver damage, the skin rash is usually not visible. In case of this type of itching, the liver should be examined.

2) Spider Angiomas: If you notice small spider-shaped cells on the skin of your face and legs, then you should get your liver checked. This condition is caused by high levels of estrogen. Spider angiomas are a common problem in people with alcoholic cirrhosis.

3) Frequent bruising and bleeding: Frequent bruising and bleeding are signs of liver damage. Bleeding is more after injuries if the liver is damaged. This condition is caused by a lack of protein needed for blood clotting. Also, if the liver is damaged, blood easily collects under the skin after a blow and then turns into a wound.


4) Swelling in the feet: If the liver gets damaged then there can be swelling in the feet. Swelling in the legs and abdomen can occur when the liver is unable to produce enough blood proteins such as albumin.

5) Vomiting of blood: If a patient is vomiting blood in cirrhosis, then the patient should be careful. Bleeding from varicose veins in the digestive tract and abdomen is very common in vomit or stool.

Liver is important

1. The liver produces bile which helps in the breakdown and absorption of fats in the small intestine.

2. Liver synthesizes proteins like albumin and blood clotting factors.

3. Digestion of carbohydrates for use as blood sugar.

4. To control blood clotting.

5. Liver helps fight infection by removing bacteria from the bloodstream.