Health: If you also want to avoid piles then do not consume these five food items!


Many people have the problem of piles. Piles are called Piles in English. In this, due to not cleaning the stomach, sitting for a long time, or having strong defecation, the veins of the anus often get swollen and get injured and bleeding starts. Obesity and lack of exercise also do not clean the stomach. Constipation plays a big role in this disease. If you avoid foods that cause constipation, you can keep hemorrhoids away.

We are going to tell you that if you want to avoid piles, then you should not eat foods that use a lot of flour, such as biscuits, cakes, fast food, packaged food, carbohydrates, or fatty foods. Because it increases constipation. Drinking less water also causes stomach upset. Therefore, increasing the amount of water intake reduces the risk of root disease.

Fried and Processed Food:

If you eat too much-fried food or fast food then you may suffer from piles. Processed foods include frozen meat, fast food, and deep-fried foods that are difficult to digest. They lack nutrients and are high in salt and unhealthy fats. It spoils the digestive system.

Foods that are high in salt

Many children love to eat salty foods. The amount of salt in chips is high. If you already have piles, high-salt foods dehydrate your body. It also affects your blood vessels.

Raw fruits

Fruits are often recommended after piles. But fruits should be ripe while eating. Eating partially unripe fruits can upset your digestion and cause constipation.

Gluten-containing foods:

Gluten i.e. the sticky substance left from the starchy substance of wheat is called gluten. Gluten products always cause constipation and piles. Gluten is found in wheat. This substance damages the immune system and its digestive system, causing some people to develop autoimmune diseases. Due to this, the person may suffer from constipation and piles.

Cow's Milk and Milk Products

For some people, consumption of milk or milk products invites piles. The protein present in milk does not clean the stomach. Such people should use soya milk instead of traditional milk.