Health: Excessive use of aloe vera can cause harm instead of benefits, it will be harmful to both skin and health!



Everyone knows that Aloe vera is very medicinal and multipurpose. It is used not only for skin but also for health. Its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties help in keeping your body healthy. That's why wounds heal quickly. We know its many benefits, but its excessive use can harm (side effects) not only our health but also our skin.

Let's know the disadvantages of aloe vera

Stomach problems

Aloe vera leaves contain latex, which can cause stomach upset if consumed in excess. Sometimes there is a possibility of a burning sensation and pain in the stomach. Do not use aloe vera gel without a doctor's advice.


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The problem of dehydration can also be fatal in summer. That is why doctors recommend drinking more water and juices and eating juicy fruits during this season. Consumption of aloe vera is harmful in this season. ,

Damage to the skin, do not apply on pimples

If you have a lot of spots and pimples on your face, do not accidentally apply too much aloe vera gel. This can cause itching and allergies on the face.


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Oily skin

Some people have oily skin. Aloe vera gel does not suit such skin. Applying this gel in such a situation can cause itching and other serious problems. To avoid this, use aloe vera gel only after consulting a doctor.