Health: Eat these things with curd, you will get relief from constipation, and you will get these benefits!



It is advisable to include curd in the daily diet to maintain health, and curd is considered highly beneficial, especially for solving problems like constipation. Rich in calcium, protein, fibre and various vitamins and minerals, curd, when mixed with certain other elements in the diet, not only provides relief from constipation but also provides many other benefits.

Yoghurt, when included in the diet, contributes to strengthening bones, maintaining proper digestion, and benefits hair and skin health. Let us know which thing you will benefit most by consuming with curd.

Yoghurt and Cucumber Combination:

Yoghurt is a probiotic that contains a good amount of fibre, while cucumber has a high water content. The combination of these two helps eliminate waste accumulated in the intestines, providing relief to people suffering from constipation.


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Cumin-curd for better digestion:

Mix roasted cumin powder in curd, add a pinch of rock salt or black salt to it and consume it. It aids in improving digestion and helps prevent digestive problems. This combination is beneficial for individuals suffering from indigestion and contributes to weight loss.


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Curd and celery mixture:

Consuming curd with celery is effective in providing relief from constipation and various stomach problems. This combination is also considered beneficial for individuals suffering from piles. Additionally, it contributes to oral health, preventing problems like bad breath.