Health: Drinking water in a copper vessel causes these disadvantages, you can also know by clicking!


In today's time, even though the lifestyle of people has deteriorated, there are many people who take care of their health. The number of people exercising is increasing. Many people also drink water in a copper vessel. Drinking water kept in a copper vessel strengthens immunity and digestion. Apart from this, this water is also beneficial for weight loss, arthritis, cholesterol, and high BP.

Avoid these 3 mistakes while drinking water from a copper bottle

1. Do not drink water from a copper bottle throughout the day

If you drink water stored in a copper bottle or vessel throughout the day, then the risk of copper poisoning is high. Drinking water in a copper vessel throughout the day can cause severe nausea, dizziness, abdominal pain, and liver and kidney failure. If excessive amounts of copper are added to water, it can have potential health effects.


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2. Lemon and honey water in a copper bottle

We often drink lemon and honey on an empty stomach in the morning for health benefits, but drinking from a copper glass should be completely avoided. Acids found in lemon and copper are processed. It can also cause stomach pain, gas, and vomiting.


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3. Wash copper water bottles regularly

Wash the copper bottle with clean water after each use. Every 30 days the copper bottle should be washed thoroughly using salt and lemon. Failure to do so will result in oxidation stains on the bottle. The advantage of a copper bottle is reduced when oxidation stains occur.