Health: Does water kept for more than 12 hours really become dangerous for health?


Water Side Effects: Water is life. You must have seen this slogan written on the wall and board. This slogan has great importance. The value of water can be understood from the fact that all the toxic substances i.e. toxins enter the body during the day. Water works to remove these toxins. But is drinking water always beneficial or does it have disadvantages too? People wake up in the morning and drink the water kept overnight. Keep drinking water from the morning till evening. whether it benefits or not. Let's try to know what is the change in the stored water.


What changes take place in stored water?
Often people store water overnight and keep drinking it till morning. Many times they drink the water kept overnight in the morning. But have you realized that the tap or filter from which you are bringing that water? There is a change in the taste of the stored water. It has been revealed in the study that after keeping the water for 12 hours or more, molecular changes start coming into it. Carbon dioxide starts getting in the air. Carbon dioxide in the air starts mixing with it. Due to this, there is a decrease in the pH value. This may change the test.

How does it cause damage?
Drinking open water is not considered safe. When water is kept in an open glass for a long time, bacteria start growing in it. As soon as we drink a sip of water, immediately the bacteria sitting on the rim of the glass enter the body. It can harm the body's argon. With whom you will share this water. There is a possibility of loss to him also.


How safe, research continues
No such research has come to the fore so far, so it can be confirmed how safe and how much the stored water is not. Although experts say that people should avoid drinking stored water. This can seriously harm health.