Health: Does this mistake while working on a laptop affect the fertility of men? Click to know!


PC; Amar Ujala

After the Corona period, work from home started on a large scale. Travel facilities provided by companies to employees were reduced. Due to workload while working from home, employees work more hours than on duty. The company only benefits from this. But many people work by keeping it on their lap while working at home or while working on the laptop. But carrying a laptop like this has a very bad effect on health. Know the exact health effects.

Working with a laptop in your lap gives you momentary relief. But you might have never imagined how much a two-minute break can do to your health. When the laptop gets hot when kept on the leg or lap, the hot air coming out from it affects the skin. After some time your skin may get irritated. This is called toasty skin syndrome.

This hot air can also affect the fertility of men. This hot air can affect the number and quality of sperm in the body. Therefore men should try to avoid it as much as possible. Also, working with a laptop on your lap for a long time can also cause pain in your back. There is no concrete evidence, but anecdotal and anecdotal evidence suggests that this hot air can affect men in this way. Therefore, if you are used to working in this way, then improve it in time.

If you have to work on a laptop for a long time, then keep the laptop on the table according to your height. While working, take a break after twenty to thirty minutes. So your eyes get rest and eye health is also maintained. If you are working on a laptop for eight hours, then wake up in the morning and do at least five Surya Namaskars.