Health: Does eating Amla really turn white hair black? Know here!


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Nowadays most of the people are struggling with the problem of gray hair. In this, the hair of young boys and girls is also seen turning grey. Due to many things like increasing pollution, stress, most people's hair starts turning grey. People also use hair color to get rid of white hair. But they are not getting the expected results. But do you know that Amla is also effective for your hair. Amla has some properties which are useful in blackening your hair.

Amla is considered beneficial for your hair. Because Amla contains copper which helps in increasing melanin pigment. This melanin helps in blackening your hair. Amla also contains zinc and vitamin C which makes your hair thick and black. This also provides relief from other hair problems. Amla removes dandruff and increases blood circulation.


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You can use Amla for hair in two ways. First of all, you can drink Amla juice, eat Amla betel nut and candies. Second, apply Amla water to your hair. It helps in keeping your hair healthy. It also helps in blackening white hair. Therefore consumption of Amla is beneficial for your hair.


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Amla is beneficial for your hair in many ways. Amla helps in making your hair strong, soft and silky. Many people have thin, falling hair. Amla also eliminates this problem. Amla keeps our scalp healthy and Amla stimulates blood circulation. Therefore, Amla is very effective in removing all hair related problems. Therefore it is very important to consume Amla.