Health: Do you also have the habit of drinking water before sleeping at night? Then read this news!


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Do you also have the habit of drinking a lot of water before sleeping at night? If the answer is yes, then leave this habit today itself. Because drinking more water at night can cause nocturia. In this disease, one has to urinate repeatedly during the night. Due to this, sleep is not complete and many types of diseases can start in the body. Some people have a habit of drinking more water before sleeping at night. Some people have a lot of water in their bladder and it comes out slowly. Due to this one has to get up several times in the night to urinate.

Sometimes you may have to urinate many times even if you do not drink much water at night. The reason for this can be diabetes. But for people who do not have diabetes or any other problem, yet have to urinate frequently at night, then it is a symptom of nocturia.

What is nocturia?

According to senior doctors, nocturia can be caused by drinking too much water before going to bed, drinking too much alcohol, or resisting too much. In this disease, a person has to urinate more than twice in the night. If anyone feels these symptoms, they should immediately see a doctor. Nocturia is not a very dangerous disease, but it is still recommended to consult a doctor. In such a situation, the doctor will advise you to improve your lifestyle. They will also advise you not to drink any liquids two hours before going to bed at night.


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These people are more at risk

According to doctors, people above 50 years of age are more at risk. This problem affects one in every 3 men and one in every 3 women in this age group. Some of these people have the habit of drinking more water at night. While others may have diabetes or some other kidney disease.



Remember these things

Don't drink too much water or alcohol at night.

Avoid the habit of sleeping late at night.

If the pain persists for more than a week, see a doctor.