Health: Do you also eat fenugreek leaves fondly in winter, then know its side effects!



Winter is also considered a lazy season because there is more sleep during this time. Well, eating or drinking things in the cold is a different pleasure. There are some food items for which people even wait for winter. One of these is fenugreek leaves. In most parts of North India, people eat fenugreek leaves with great enthusiasm. In many places, even parathas are prepared and eaten. The combination of morning tea and fenugreek paratha tastes amazing.

But have you ever thought that the taste of fenugreek leaves can sometimes cause harm to health? Fenugreek contains many vitamins and elements but sometimes one should avoid eating it. Let us tell you the side effects of fenugreek leaves.

Disadvantages of diabetes:

Fenugreek not only improves digestion but also keeps the sugar level under control. Diabetes patients soak fenugreek seeds at night and drink their water on an empty stomach in the morning. According to experts, if fenugreek seeds or greens are consumed in excess, the sugar level can go down rapidly. Actually, the nutrients of fenugreek reduce blood sugar, hence it should be consumed within this limit only.


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Eating fenugreek can prove dangerous for high blood pressure patients. Because eating fenugreek in excess can bring down the sodium level in the body and this mistake can bring down blood pressure. Therefore, if you are a patient with high blood pressure then avoid consuming things like fenugreek.

Avoid eating it during pregnancy:

Confusion remains about whether fenugreek is hot or cold. Most people believe that fenugreek is hot, hence its consumption should be avoided during pregnancy. Experts say that if it is consumed in excess during pregnancy, it can also cause blood clotting. Even in winter, things made from it should be eaten less.


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Digestive problems:

If someone has digestive problems then he should not eat fenugreek greens. Because this causes more gas to form. Apart from this, green chillies are used while preparing the vegetable, those who often have acidity should keep their distance from such vegetables. Due to this mistake in eating, the burning sensation in the chest increases further.