Health Benefits of jaggery roti: - Jaggery roti is not only delicious in winter, it is also a combination of health


As soon as winter starts, there is a lot of change in the eating habits of all of us. In this season we want to keep our body warm both outside and inside. At the same time, it is also important to deal with seasonal blues. In such a situation, eating jaggery roti is a good idea. Generally, people like to eat jaggery with food. But if you want, jaggery roti can also be made.

In many parts of the country, people prepare and eat jaggery roti during the cold season. It provides them with warmth and nutrition. Its taste is also equally good. So, today in this article, RituPuri, Dietitian of ESIC Hospital, Central Government Hospital, is telling you about some of the best benefits of jaggery roti-

Works like a natural sweetener

Sugar cravings for all of us increase a lot during winter days. In such a situation, we often run towards refined sugar. It is not considered good for health at all. Instead of this you should make roti made of jaggery and eat it. Jaggery is a natural sweetener, which is a much better option than refined sugar. Consuming it does not increase your weight.  

Feels warm 

One benefit of eating jaggery roti is that along with being sweet, it also provides warmth to your body. Jaggery is a natural sweetener, which is known to generate heat within the body. In this way, when you eat jaggery roti in the harsh cold, you feel more comfortable.

The immune system benefits

If you include jaggery roti in your winter diet, it also has a positive effect on your immune system. Actually, during cold days, people's immune system becomes weak and seasonal diseases take over. But some vitamins and minerals like zinc and selenium etc. are found in jaggery, which have a positive effect on your immune system. When it is eaten in the form of jaggery roti, it provides great benefits to the immune system.  

Bone health benefits

Eating jaggery roti also provides great benefits to bone health. Some minerals like magnesium, potassium and calcium are found in jaggery. All these minerals are very important for maintaining bone health. This is why eating jaggery roti makes your bones stronger.  

Banish the winter blues

Many people suffer from winter blues or seasonal affective disorder during cold weather. In such situations, they experience fatigue, mood swings etc. But when you eat jaggery roti, it becomes very easy to manage them. This is because jaggery is considered a good source of iron. It helps in maintaining haemoglobin levels and preventing fatigue caused by cold. Not only this, it also contains minerals like magnesium, potassium and vitamins. Due to this, you can keep yourself quite healthy.

Image Credit- freepik