Health: Be careful if you are fond of lemon, because its side effects can harm this part of the body.


Side Effects Of Lemon: People use lemon more in summer than in winter. We use lemon more and more in our diet in many ways like lemon water, shikanji, adding it to lentils, and salads. At the same time, some people also apply lemon to make their hair and face look good. As you know, the amount of Vitamin C is found in very high quantities in lemon. Knowing about the benefits of lemon, people use it indiscriminately. But do you know that it also has side effects like this? Which hardly people know. Let us tell you that eating lemon more than a limit directly affects your body.


According to the report of Stylecrase, drinking more lemon or lemon water has a direct effect on the teeth. Not only this, drinking lemon in excess causes abdominal pain, cramps and gastrointestinal problems. Drinking too much lemon causes acid in the stomach, due to which there can be dangerous pain in the body. If you or someone in your house has any such problem. For example, if there is any kind of problem in the stomach or body after drinking lemon water, then such people should stop drinking lemon water immediately.

Know the side effects of lemon
Lemon is a sour fruit, and eating and drinking it can also cause heartburn and acid reflux. People who have acidity problems. Drinking lemonade for them can prove to be harmful. For your information, let us tell you that drinking more lemon water can also cause stomach ulcers. That's why we need to take some precautions.


Could be a migraine trigger
Many times eating more lemon can also trigger your migraine. Not only this, but it can also have an allergic reaction. You will be surprised to know that it can also cause a migraine attack.

For your information, let us tell you that by applying lemon directly on the skin, blisters and dark spots can also occur on the skin when it comes out in the sun. You may also have the problem of sunburn.