Health: Are you also going to get a tattoo done? So first know about these 5 health risks!


Getting tattooed can be a passion for many people and there are some people who do not like tattoos. But in any case, it is seen as one of the most unique ways of self-expression through art and colors. While most people usually get tattoos done on their arms, legs, neck, back, and chest. At the same time, there are many people who choose strange places like eyes and genitals, which can be harmful to you. So the question in your mind would be whether getting a tattoo poses any health risks. Let's know about this. 


Risk of HIV/AIDS: There is a risk of HIV/AIDS if a used needle is used for tattooing. It is an untreatable disease that weakens the immune system to such an extent that it fails to fight infection naturally, leaving a person vulnerable to repeated illness. So be doubly careful while getting tattooed.

Ink allergy: Tattoos are colorful as well as black and white. But ink can cause significant harm to some people. Some people may also be allergic to the ink used in tattooing. The classic pigments used in them can cause allergies.

Risk of skin cancer: Tattooing can cause skin cancer. Some dyes may be carcinogenic or contain components such as azos that are used in car paints. Studies link it to an increased risk of liver cancer.


Inhibits sweating: Tattoos can also inhibit sweating – inked skin can sweat up to 50 percent less than normal. It has also been found that sweating from tattooed skin tends to be more concentrated in sodium which can also get in the way of reabsorption.

Complications during medical procedures: Occasionally, metal-based tattoo magnets may react with the region's imaging studies. Studies suggest that patients undergoing MRI may experience a burning sensation at the tattooed site. This is believed to be the result of an electromagnetic reaction caused by metallic compounds in tattoo pigments such as iron oxide.