Health: Are you also eating Vitamin B complex without thinking? Know its disadvantages!



The body needs various nutrients, including vitamins and minerals, to stay healthy. When it comes to Vitamin B complex, it is important for our health as it not only improves metabolism but also keeps the brain healthy. Vegetarians often experience a deficiency of this vitamin.

In such a situation, some people start taking Vitamin B complex supplements without a doctor's advice. However, health experts warn that taking supplements without proper advice can be harmful. According to Dr. Gaurav Jain, senior consultant, internal medicine, Dharamshala Narayan Superspeciality Hospital, Delhi, although this vitamin is essential, taking vitamin B complex supplements without consultation can have adverse effects.

Dr. Jain emphasizes that the body requires various nutrients, including vitamin B complex, to function in a balanced manner. This vitamin boosts metabolism and provides adequate energy for daily activities. However, taking large amounts of this vitamin without medical advice may disrupt your sleep patterns. Excessive intake of Vitamin B can affect the digestive system, causing problems like stomach pain, cramps, and nervousness.


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Consult a doctor:

Dr. Gaurav Jain recommends consulting a doctor before taking vitamin B complex supplements. He explains that although this vitamin is an important source of energy for the body, excess amounts of it can affect the digestive system, causing problems like stomach ache, cramps, and anxiety.

Additionally, health experts suggest that niacin, a part of the vitamin B complex, may affect heart health, and excessive consumption of it may lead to heartbeat fluctuations or other cardiovascular problems. Additionally, vitamin B complex affects the nervous system, and overdose can result in muscle weakness, difficulty walking, and tremors.


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Skin Test:

Before taking vitamin B complex as an injection, a skin test is usually done. If individuals ignore this caution and use the supplement without a doctor's advice, they may experience skin problems such as redness, pimples, rashes, and irritation. Therefore, it is important to avoid using Vitamin B complex without proper medical guidance.