Health and Fitness: - Why is walking important for BP patients?


The result of a bad lifestyle and poor eating habits is that today every second person is suffering from high blood pressure. If high BP is not controlled, it can prove fatal. High blood pressure affects the arteries of the body. The pressure of blood on the walls of the arteries is constantly very high. The heart has to work harder to pump blood. Due to this, the risk of heart stroke and heart attack increases significantly.

To control high BP, doctors often recommend exercising. If you cannot exercise then you can control BP just by walking. Let us know how walking can be beneficial for BP patients.

Why is walking important for BP patients?


According to NCBI report, walking for some time every day helps in controlling BP. When you walk, it reduces the stiffness of the blood vessels. This allows blood to flow more easily. If you walk for 10 minutes three times a day, your blood pressure can be controlled to a great extent. Due to this, the heart does not need to work too hard and the risk of such heart diseases can be reduced to a great extent.

At the same time, stress is responsible to some extent for high BP. When you take a walk in a nice environment, it releases neurochemicals like endorphins. This gives you a pleasant feeling.

Keep these things in mind


  • Stay away from smoking
  • Stay hydrated
  • Take balanced diet
  • Reduce salt and sugar intake
  • Lose weight