Happy Marriage Life: This is the secret of happiness in the married life of Kareena and Saif Ali Khan, try this too


Age or any kind of barrier cannot come between the relationship and love of two people if you come to know the secret of love life. When Bollywood actor Saif Ali Khan married Kareena Kapoor, who was 10 years younger than him, people got confused about their relationship but now they are going to be married for 10 years. Kareena and Saif also have two children. Not only this, but Saif Ali Khan also has two children from his first marriage, Sara and Ibrahim. But neither her age could come between Kareena and Saif's relationship, nor did Kareena have any problem due to Saif's first wife and children, but Kareena has a good relationship with Sara and Ibrahim. There are many good lessons to be learned in the relationship between Kareena and Saif. How the family is kept together. If there is love between two people, then the real stepmother does not matter. The reason for the love and belonging between the families of Kareena and Saif is their bonding. By knowing their relationship secret, you can improve your relationship too.


respect for each other's family
In the relationship between Kareena and Saif, it was seen that both of them respected each other's families. Kareena has a good bond with her mother-in-law and sister-in-law Soha Ali Khan. Apart from this, Kareena also has a good relationship with Saif and Amrita Singh's children. Similarly, Saif Ali was also found with Kareena's family on several occasions. Saif is also often seen with Karisma Kapoor and her children. Both give time to each other's families. Every husband and wife should learn this from Saif and Kareena.


Taking responsibility for children together
Children are equally responsible for husband and wife. When Saif Ali is busy, Kareena takes care of the kids. On the other hand, when Kareena goes on a shoot, Saif Ali Khan takes responsibility for her two young children. Due to this, there is no possibility of conflict between husband and wife.

spend life forgetting each other's past
Kareena is the second wife of Saif Ali Khan. But Kareena was never bothered by this. Similarly, before Saif Ali Khan, Kareena's name was linked to her co-star. Kareena's affair was known to everyone in Bollywood but when Kareena and Saif got married, they forgot their past. Both of them thought about the future.

give each other personal space
On many occasions, Kareena is seen having fun with her friends, partying, or celebrating holidays. Saif looks away from all this. But he gives Kareena her personal space. Both respect each other's privacy and likes and dislikes, which every husband and wife should do in a relationship.