Hanuman Jayanti 2024: Include these special things in the worship of Bajrangbali, and all diseases will be removed from life!



Like every year in the Hindu religion, this year too Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated with great enthusiasm on the full moon day of Chaitra month. This day marks the birth of Lord Hanuman. If there is any confusion regarding Hanuman Jayanti this year, then detailed information about it is given here. It is believed that Bajrangbali (Lord Hanuman) is still present on earth in physical form. He keeps removing everyone's troubles and that is why he is also called 'Sankatmochan'.

Hanuman Jayanti Auspicious Time:

According to the Panchang, the full moon of Chaitra month will start at 3:25 am on April 23 and end at 5:18 am on April 24. Hence, Hanuman Jayanti will be celebrated on Tuesday, 23 April 2024. The auspicious time for worship of Hanuman ji will be from 9:03 am to 10:41 am on 23rd April. On the same day, Brahma Muhurta will be from 4:20 am to 5:04 am. Taking a bath during this time is considered very auspicious. Abhijeet Muhurat on Hanuman Jayanti will be from 11:53 am to 12:46 pm.


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Items to be included in the worship of Hanuman ji:

It is believed that certain things are essential for Hanuman Jayanti puja to ensure that all your wishes are fulfilled. Hanuman ji's devotees are always blessed by his blessings, which frees them from any kind of harm.

Include red or orange colors: Hanuman Ji likes these colors very much. Therefore, includes red flowers, fruits, red or orange clothes, and vermillion in his worship.

Use of pure ghee lamp: It is considered auspicious to light a lamp of pure ghee for the worship of Lord Hanuman. Using a red wick in your lamp increases its auspiciousness.

Prasad: In Hindu religion, worship is considered incomplete without Prasad. Therefore, includes Hanuman ji's favorite prasad Bundi, Motichoor laddu, churma, and jaggery-gram in his worship.

Tulsi leaves: Tulsi leaves have special importance in the worship of Hanumanji. Without these, his worship is considered incomplete. You can offer a garland made of basil leaves to seek his blessings.


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Things to remember:

Avoid Tamasic items: Those performing Hanuman Jayanti puja should avoid consuming Tamasic items and should observe celibacy throughout the day while observing this fast.

Stay focused: Avoid distractions while worshiping Hanuman Ji. Keep all the puja materials ready before starting the puja.


According to Hindu beliefs, worshiping Ram devotee Hanuman ji in the Kaliyuga era brings all happiness, and wishes are fulfilled. By worshiping him, all the sorrows go away immediately. Apart from this, one gets relief from the problems coming in life, and happiness and prosperity remain in the house.

By following these rituals and beliefs, one can get the blessings of Lord Hanuman on Hanuman Jayanti and live a prosperous and trouble-free life.