Handbag Risk: 'Handbag' can put your child's life in danger! Know why the expert gave this warning?


There is a need to be very careful while raising small children. Because children are innocent and remain completely unaware of the good and bad things happening to them. Those things can also prove dangerous for them, to which people often do not pay attention. You must have heard or seen many times that the child swallowed a coin or ate some other disgusting thing, due to which not only he has to face all the problems, but the life of the parents also comes to an end... There are many such things present in every house, which can endanger the life of the child, such your 'handbag'.


You must be wondering how a handbag can put a child's life at risk. But it is possible. Because small children have a habit of exploring something or the other. Roaming around in the house, they take different things in their mouth or sometimes even swallow them. This can pose a threat to his life. Women keep many such things in their handbags, which children should not come in contact with, such as nuts, popcorn, any medicine or keys etc.

Why keep handbags away from children?
A health expert has warned all parents that they should either keep their handbags far away from the reach of children or not keep any such thing in them, which can put the child's life in danger. If your child repeatedly touches or sees the handbag and even opens it, then you should keep it far away from his reach. You cannot pay attention to children all the time, because there are other important tasks too. That's why make the children sit in such a place, where nothing can harm them.


The child's life may be in danger!
Experts have told two such things which usually remain in women's handbags. These things can pose a threat to the lives of children. The first thing is hand sanitiser, swallowing it or applying it on the eyes can get the child in trouble. The second thing is the car keys or small keys. Tablets and medicines can also prove to be dangerous.