Haircare Tips:-Benefits of Agan oil for haircare

Haircare Tips:-Benefits of Agan oil for haircare

If your hair becomes dry, lifeless or your hair gets dandruff, then you must know about this oil. This oil is not normal, if you use it in your hair before shampooing, then your hair will get shine without using conditioner and serum. In this way, you can make your hair not only beautiful but also healthy.

What is this oil for your hair and what other oils are best for your hair apart from this oil, Aromatherapist and Cosmetologist Pooja Nagdev, Founder, Inatur told this-

Hair conditioner

Argan oil is the best conditioner to make hair soft, silky and shiny. It removes the problem of two pimples and frizzy ones. Argan oil alone adds so much shine to your hair that even after shampooing, you do not need a conditioner or serum. Your hair becomes so beautiful that then you can carry any kind of hairstyle.

Provides nutrients to the head

Proper nutrition and care is essential for hair and to keep it strong, the use of argan oil keeps you away from problems like skin diseases, dandruff, dryness in the scalp. Due to these problems, your scalp gets itchy and irritated, due to which the hair pores get clogged and this stops hair growth. With argan oil therapy, your scalp gets rid of many problems, due to which hair fall stops and hair starts growing faster.

Haircare Tips:-Benefits of Agan oil for haircare

Soft hair

The problem of dryness in the hair causes damage to the hair. Argan oil is one of the best overnight deep conditioning treatments that will help you deal with dry and lifeless hair.

Hair protection

When you regularly use straighteners or curling tongs for hairstyles, it can damage your hair. By doing this, your hair lacks nutrients and moisture, due to which the hair loses its natural shine. But Argan oil is very miraculous in removing this problem. After washing the hair, applying a few drops of this oil can easily bring back the shine of the hair.

Oil therapy

We can all agree that the condition of our hair can make us look good or bad. Hair is the main part of our beauty and this is the reason why we spend a lot on hair products and treatments. Sometimes even expensive products do not give the expected results.

Hair should be thick and shiny without worrying about cutting and styling, but it is lifeless, weak and double-faced. Spending too much time near the sun and the sea can cause problems of greasiness in our scalp and dryness in the hair.

Keratin is the basic element of our hair. It is such a strong protein that our body gets depleted when we are sick, stressed or depressed.

Like our skin, we have many types of hair and first of all, we should understand our hair type whether they are normal, oily, dry or weak.

Various types of massage oil have been suggested for the problem of dryness in the scalp. You can choose from Almond Oil, Coconut, Argan Oil, Sesame Oil, Olive Oil, Bhringraj Oil, Brahmi Oil, Jojoba Oil. It is necessary to warm the oil a little before the massage as it dilutes the oil and can be massaged easily on the scalp. Oils are very good for hair and skin.

Instead of using just one oil, you can also prepare and use a mixture of pure essential oils like rosemary, chamomile, castor, sandalwood, lavender, geranium, hibiscus. So with these expert tips, you can make your hair more shiny and healthy.

Keep these things in mind-

  • Argan oil is good for hair, but it is not magic, so do not use it without thinking.
  • First, do a patch test on the skin and hair to see if it suits or not.
  • This may reduce the problem, but will not completely cure it.
  • It can work to improve the texture of the hair.

Follow all these tips only if argan oil suits you. If there is any problem related to skin or hair, then it can prove to be very good to consult a doctor once.

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