HAIRCARE: Kalonji will strengthen your hair, use oil like this


With the help of many things used in the kitchen, you can take care of your skin. If you are troubled by the problem of hair, then you can use kalonji. Applying it to the hair can get rid of many hair problems. You can take the help of kalonji for good hair growth and strength.

Will darken the hair

If you want to blacken your hair, you can use kalonji, it helps you to blacken your hair, and removes the deficiency of black pigment cells in your hair.

Act as a moisturizer


If your hair is very dry then you can use fennel seeds, by using fennel oil, you can remove the dryness of hair by massaging. Fatty amino is found in fennel seeds which makes hair soft.

Hair growth

Kalonji promotes hair growth. If you want good hair growth, then you can use Kalonji.


Damaged hair

If your hair is damaged, then you can save it from hair damage, you can use kalonji oil.